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                  enables seamless global digital participation with swift, real-time online verification for organizations, prioritizing safety and convenience.

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Compliance Metrics

Government Data


We retrieve and compare information from ID documents to government records that align with your specified countries and government source criteria. This process covers the 5 key variables to guarantee authenticity.

AML Watchlists


Our AML watchlist checks examine over 1,200 international lists to prevent onboarding potential criminals, terrorists, money launderers, fraudsters, or politically exposed persons (PEPs).

ID Check


If the 8 essential values are printed on the ID document, we will extract and examine them. Our assessment includes verification for expiration, alteration, template matching, age accuracy, duplication, and face-matching.



Through the submission of a selfie, IDMeta verifies that the user is a living person and the rightful recipient of your commercial interaction.

Expand Your Ability To Do Business

Our comprehensive framework aligns with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations, incorporates digital enrollment verification, enhances fraud protection, and is supported by know your customer (KYC) and document verification services (DVS).

This aids individuals in verifying their identity and assists organizations in validating their customers, suppliers, and employees using an expanding pool of 7.5 million validated data points sourced globally.

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